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Become a Certified Installer

It is important that all installers are familiair and competent with the installation of the Duo Colour Led Stripe. Therefore, we developed a quick and easy on-line training program, which will ensure that the engineers have the relevant information that they need for installing the Duo Colour Led Stripe. 

To become a certified installer, please visit and do the online training.


When De Kever Installaties was introduced to the Shell RVIe by a Global operating RVI manufacturer, it was shown a new LEAN design of the Shell RVIe but missed the significant Shell identification when you take away the Pecten. For that time there was no solution available.

dK-Led developed a Duo Colour Led Stripe that will illuminate red to the bottom and yellow to the top.

The Duo Colour Led Stripe can be used for new build RVIe. But it can also easily be used for Retrofit RVIe and RVI1. To upgrade a RVI1 site, replacing the Shell letters for a Pecten and painting the corners white will give an RVIe look and feel.

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